Membership Application

Lenape Boston Terrier Club wishes to say THANK YOU to all persons who are interested in promoting and perpetuating the Boston Terrier breed. The Club endeavors to provide a forum and means for members to exchange ideas and experiences that will be helpful to us in rearing and providing for Boston Terriers

Membership renewals are due on or before June 1st. Dues are $ 20.00 per person or $ 30.00 per household. (2 or more people) Also, if interested in being listed as a breeder on the website, $10 will be charged annually.

Members are encouraged to attend a minimum of three meetings each year. Participation in our annual Match and Specialty Show is especially important for the continuing success of our Club.

Please take a moment to update your information for our records. Feel free to use the back of this page to let us know of any new Bostons you have acquired, their birth dates, as well as any you may have had to say good-bye to.