Alma Bettencourt-Allews

The Lenape Boston Terrier Club, Inc. and its members pay tribute to founding member Alma Bettencourt-Allews’ Bostons, who passed away September 14th, 2012. She and her husband Lew Bettencourt and 8 other members founded the LBTC back in 1977. Alma was the first secretary and has held offices ever since which have included President, Show Chairman and Show Secretary.

Alma’s love for the Boston Terrier and this club was evident and will always be appreciate. She held club meetings in her home both in Flanders and also in Blakeslee. Alma was instrumental in running the Boston Terrier rescue for the LBTC many years as well. She was truly an ambassador and consummate lover of the Boston Terrier.

Members are encouraged to attend a minimum of three meetings each year. Participation in our annual Match and Specialty Show is especially important for the continuing success of our Club.

The LBTC, Inc. welcomes your stories and comments about our founding member Alma Bettencourt. These comments can be made on our website and will then be formatted to produce a DVD celebrating her life. This will be given to her family and run on our website.


Members of the LBTC and numerous members of the Boston fancy will miss Steph. She came into this world July 29, 1948. From the time she was a little girl she owned and loved Bostons. As she grew older, she developed a real love for the sport and was an excellent handler. Steph showed many of her own Bostons, as well as other peoples. She had a keen eye for identifying a good Boston. Many times one could see her helping a novice at ringside, even so far as taking the dog in the ring. She was generous with her time and advice. Steph was an excellent friend, always there to help when needed. She fought cancer for many years and even when she was loosing the battle her generosity to the LBTC continued financially. She departed this world February 23, 2009. and met her beloved Bostons at the “Rainbow Bridge”. May you rest in peace, Steph.